Our Process

Our commitment to the 8-step O’Donnell Painting process is what separates us from our competitors. Cutting corners is not an option. Click on the different steps below for an explanation on how and why each step is so important to ensuring your paint job both looks great and lasts a long time.

Power washing is an absolute must. Starting with a clean surface is essential to the adhesion process and the only way to expect a long “life” out of your paint job.


Using a solution of bleach and water, mildew must be removed prior to applying any paint products. If this step is not performed, the mildew will bleed through in matter of months no matter how many coats of paint you apply.


This is both the most difficult and most important step in the process. Cracked, peeling, and unstable paint must be removed, while not jeopardizing the substrate. Neglect here inevitably leads to a failed paint job!


We only use oil primer because it kills stains and seals wood pores better than any other primer. It is more expensive, more difficult to apply and takes longer to cure; yet these “negatives” add up to huge positives for the homeowner.


When we spray the first coat, we “back-brush” to ensure maximum adhesion. In this application, spraying it on simply eliminates the need to dip the brush in a can while applying more paint to the surface.


Paint serves as the best sealant. That is why O’Donnell Painting only caulks after the first coat has been applied, ensuring a tight seal that protects against weather and other sources of moisture.


Aesthetically, the second coat gives the paint job its “life” while functionally serving as an armor that protects your home from the sun’s rays and other wear and tear. O’Donnell Painting always two-coats every project, no matter the size or substrate.


Customer surveys have revealed that meticulous cleanup is a must! We take pride in leaving your home in the same condition as when we arrived. We perform daily cleanup and remove all waste and materials from your home at no extra cost.


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